Corner Toilets | Bathroom Toilets and Designer Bidet

Bathrooms are one of the busiest room in the house, and toilets are one of the most common element that’s used more than once a day. Whether you are thinking of replacing a complete WC, or fitting one in a brand new bathroom, be sure that you select the right one, ensuring a flawless fit is achieved. Below we have a series of Designer Toilets, Bidet and their accessories from different manufacturer’s and in different fit. Make sure you select the right one to fit in your bathroom. 

Buying Guide for a Toilet

One of the most prominent fixtures in your home is the humble Toilet. Did you know that 75% of your household water is used in Bathrooms, out of which 40% is used in toilets alone? If your toilet is a decade old, there’s a solid chance that you are flushing down money along with water. Replacing it with a modern toilet could cut down your water consumption by 25% or more, leading to a lower water bill. Along with saving water, modern toilets come equipped with advanced technology, which improves their performance and minimizes the flushing sound.

Different Categories of Toilets
While choosing the right toilet for the house, it is essential for one to know that there are many different types of toilet available in the market such as close coupled WC, back to wall wc, designer WC, floor standing WC and traditional style WC.

How One Should Select The Right Toilet

The distance from the bowl front tip to the front wall determines, whether one should select an elongated bowl or a round-front bowl toilet. A one-piece (close coupled) WC looks compact and is suitable for compact bathrooms. Two-piece toilets on the other side are more comfortable, and look beautiful in large bathrooms. Performance and flushing capability are the two decisive factors, when choosing a toilet.

Reputed Brand and Prompt Customer Service
Make sure you talk to someone in person to solve all your queries before making the purchase decision. Product reviews on different consumer websites is another way of acquiring useful information. Since the water controls and flush valve need to be replaced the most, ensure that, in addition to the cheap imports, these too are covered in the manufacturer’s warranty. At AQVA Bathrooms, we can assure consumers that we stock and sell toilets from reputed manufacturers. We stock toilets from Bauhaus, RAK, Balterley, Twyfords, Heritage and many other leading brands.