Horde of Baths - Large and Small Baths now available.

If you are looking for an uncompromising bath tub that offers the ultimate luxury, then have a look at our range of bath tubs below. Spacious interiors and contemporary design of these bath tubs will impress you. At AQVA, we have showcased more than 1000 baths, and we are sure one can find the right bath that would delight them to indulge every day.

Buying Guide for the Right Bath

Not all bathrooms nowadays have a bath and showers due to space issues and convenience are far more popular. However, there's nothing nicer than a long relaxing soak in the bath, so if one have the space they might want to think about buying one. There are a few things that one needs to think before purchasing the right bath.

Shape and Size
The shape and size of a bath tub can be determined by the space available in a bathroom. Traditional tubs take up a lot of room. However, spaces saving baths are available, though they are often not large enough to stretch out in, and corner baths can be a good option between having a tub and saving space. Also, if you are fitting a new bath, ensure that the floor is strong enough to support the weight of a tub full of water, particularly in older houses.

Installed or Free Standing
An installed bath is fixed and mounted inside your bathroom. This makes it effortless to clean, and a seamless integrated fixture in a room, however, it needs to be placed directly against a wall. A free standing tub can stand anywhere, but they tend to be more expensive than traditional tubs and are not available in the same variety.

Traditional baths are made from acrylic, making them hardy and easy to clean, though they may not be as aesthetically pleasing as non-acrylic models. The other substantial material used in bath construction is enamelled steel, particularly for free standing baths which need to be stronger as they support the whole weight of the water. The disadvantage of enamelling steel is that although it looks neat it is difficult to clean and is prone to chipping.