AQVA : Radiators & Towel Rails

AQVA is one of the leading bathroom brands in UK and supplies high quality bathroom and home décor goods to consumers all over UK and Europe. In this section, we at AQVA Bathroom have showcased categories for heating. We understand the need of heating and hence showcased radiators, towel warmers, and designer radiators for heating bathrooms and home. We work with brands such as Quinn, Biasi, MHS, DQ, Hudson Reed and Ultra, to give consumers at AQVA the best choices.

Why One Needs To Buy Radiator from AQVA Bathrooms?

Heating has come a long way since the old days, where one used to have a fireplace and stoves to heat up their rooms. Now as, the technology has emerged we have a lot of heating options available.  Manufactures have come up with new style towel warmers and radiators to heat up the rooms respectively. Whether one needs to heat up a large, extra-large or even small room, there are different types of heating options available. Nowadays, heating up a room has been so easy; it is available at the click of a switch, or via a remote control. In today’s world radiators do not come in ugly shapes. In fact, at AQVA Bathrooms we have a vast range of Designer radiators, which is available in a budget price range.

Based on the room size, one can select the right radiator for their rooms. For extra-large room, one needs to install central heating system.

At AQVA Bathrooms, we help consumers to select the right radiator and towel rail for their homes. We stock radiators and towel rails from Quinn, Biasi, Lauren, DQ, Hudson Reed and Ultra. Radiators available at AQVA Bathrooms come in a variety of size, BTU’s, and watts. Not only these we also offer radiators that consumes less energy and are green to the environment. We can assure Radiators at AQVA Bathrooms will stand up to many years of use, and they are all backed by exceptional period of guarantee from the manufacturer. At AQVA Bathrooms, we have established a trust between customers and we take pride in offering them the best radiators, which provides valuable heating to them in return for their money.