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Duravit Starck Rectangular Bath With With 1 Backrest Slope

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MFC Code : 760331000JS1000
Product Code : 50497
Delivery: £29.95
RRP : £2992.80
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Waste And Overflow For Whirltubs Bath
Waste And Overflow For Whirltubs Bath

High quality bath wastes available. Suitable for use with this product. Please Note: Image shown is for illustration purpose only.

LED Light for Whirltubs
Duravit LED Light For Whirltubs With Systems

Duravit offer Led light for whirlpool baths to create a more bathroom atmosphere. Please Note : Image shown is for illustration purpose only.

Duravit Strack Headrest For Bath
Duravit Strack Headrest For Bath

To provide a relaxing and comfortable position to your body Duravit bring in this Strack range of bath with optional headrest.

Optional Bath Tub Anchors

Anchors for mounting and support of bathtubs and shower trays. Please Note: Image shown is for illustration purpose only.

Rubber Profile
Optional Rubber Profile

The rubber profile comes in 3300mm length for noise reduction and sealing against moisture. Please Note : Image shown is for illustration purpose only.

About This Product

  • Made from 5mm sanitary acrylic
  • Suitable to use as a built-in or with optional furniture panel
  • Completes with 1 backrest slopes
  • Single ended in rectangular shape
  • Comes in White finish
  • Designed by Philippe Starck
  • Refer technical image for detailed technical dimensions
  • 5 years warranty for tub against any manufacturing defects
  • 2 years of warranty for WhirlSystem
  • Details Of 1500 x 700mm Bath:
  • Water capacity : 121 litres
  • Dimensions : 1500 x 700 x 460mm [Length x Width x Depth]
  • Details Of 1500 x 750mm Bath:
  • Water capacity : 140 litres
  • Dimensions : 1500 x 750 x 460mm [Length x Width x Depth]
  • Details Of 1600 x 700mm Bath:
  • Water capacity : 135 litres
  • Dimensions : 1600 x 700 x 460mm [Length x Width x Depth]
  • Details Of 1700 x 700mm Bath:
  • Water capacity : 155 litres
  • Dimensions : 1700 x 700 x 460mm [Length x Width x Depth]
  • Details Of 1700 x 750mm Bath:
  • Water capacity : 165 litres
  • Dimensions : 1700 x 750 x 460mm [Length x Width x Depth]
  • Details Of 1700 x 800mm Bath:
  • Water capacity : 186 litres
  • Dimensions : 1700 x 800 x 460mm [Length x Width x Depth]
  • Details Of 1700 x 900mm Bath:
  • Water capacity : 221 litres
  • Dimensions : 1700 x 900 x 460mm [Length x Width x Depth]
  • Features Of Jet System :
  • Pneumatic control switch for side jets
  • Control for air regulator side jets
  • Supplied with support frame
  • Includes waste and overflow
  • 6 flat adjustable side jets for mixture of water and air
  • System with protection against dry run
  • Comes with full system drainage
  • Features Of Combi System E :
  • Combi-System E is operated by pressing the raised symbols on the control panel
  • Control for diverter to concentrate on foot or back jets
  • Supplied with support frame
  • Includes waste and overflow
  • 2 white LED Spot light
  • 12 floor air jets
  • 2 adjustable rotating foot jets for mixture of water and air
  • 4 adjustable rotating back jets for mixture of water and air
  • 6 adjustable side jets for mixture of water and air
  • Comes with full system drainage
  • System with protection against dry run
  • Features Of Combi System L :
  • Features UV Hygiene Management and Temperature L
  • Full system drainage
  • Protection against dry-running
  • Control panel Combi-System L with blue back lit display
  • Supplied with Support frame
  • Integrated Waste and overflow
  • 2 flat adjustable foot jets for mixture of air and water
  • 2 white LED Spot light
  • 6 flat adjustable side jets for mixture of air and water
  • 12 flat adjustable Durapearl floor jets for mixture of air and water
  • 4 flat swivel jets for water
  • Optional Accessories :
  • LED Color Light With Remote Control
  • Surcharge For Quadroval Waste And Overflow With Water Inlet
  • Rubber Profile
  • Bathtub Anchors
  • White Headrest

  • Details Of Bath
    Bath Sizes Bath Type MFC
    1900 x 900mm Jet System 760012000JS1000
    1900 x 900mm Combi System E 760012000CE1000
    1900 x 900mm Combi System L 760012000CL1000
    1800 x 800mm Jet System 760010000JS1000
    1800 x 800mm Combi System E 760010000CE1000
  • Details Of Accessories
    Accessories Type Jet System Combi System E Combi System L
    LED Light 791850000001000 791890000001000 791892000001000
    Heating Accessories - 791882000000000 791883000000000
    Hygiene Management - 791884000000000 791887000000000
  • Back To Wall Panels
    Finishes 1480 x 690mm 1480 x 740mm 1580 x 690mm 1680 x 690mm 1680 x 740mm 1680 x 790mm 1680 x 890mm
    Walnut Dark ST892202121 ST892302121 ST877502121 ST877602121 ST877702121 ST892402121 ST892502121
    Ticino Cherry Tree ST892207373 ST892307373 ST877507373 ST877607373 ST877707373 ST892407373 ST892507373
    Terra ST892201414 ST892301414 ST877501414 ST877601414 - ST892401414 ST892501414
    Taupe ST892209191 ST892309191 ST877509191 ST877609191 ST877709191 ST892409191 ST892509191
    Pine Terra ST892205151 ST892305151 ST877505151 ST877605151 - ST892405151 ST892505151
    Pine Silver ST892203131 ST892303131 ST877503131 ST877603131 - ST892403131 ST892503131
    Oak ST892200505 ST892300505 ST877500505 ST877600505 ST877700505 ST892400505 ST892500505
    Natural Walnut ST892207979 ST892307979 ST877507979 ST877607979 ST877707979 ST892407979 ST892507979
    Mediterranean Oak ST892207171 ST892307171 ST877507171 ST877607171 ST877707171 ST892407171 ST892507171
    Macassar ST892202424 ST892302424 ST877502424 ST877602424 ST877702424 ST892402424 ST892502424
    Linen ST892207575 ST892307575 ST877507575 ST877607575 ST877707575 ST892407575 ST892507575
    Light Blue Matt ST892200909 ST892300909 ST877500909 ST877600909 ST877700909 ST892400909 ST892500909
    Graphite Matt ST892204949 ST892304949 ST877504949 ST877604949 ST877704949 ST892404949 ST892504949
    European Oak ST892205252 ST892305252 ST877505252 ST877605252 - ST892405252 ST892505252
    Concrete Grey Matt ST892200707 ST892300707 ST877500707 ST877600707 ST877700707 ST892400707 ST892500707
    Chestnut Dark ST892205353 ST892305353 ST877505353 ST877605353 ST877705353 ST892405353 ST892505353
    Cashmere Oak ST892201111 ST892301111 ST877501111 ST877601111 ST877701111 ST892401111 ST892501111
    Brushed Walnut ST892206969 ST892306969 ST877506969 ST877606969 ST877706969 ST892406969 ST892506969
    Brushed Oak ST892201212 ST892301212 ST877501212 ST877601212 ST877701212 ST892401212 ST892501212
    Brushed Dark Oak ST892207272 ST892307272 ST877507272 ST877607272 ST877707272 ST892407272 ST892507272
    Basalt Matt ST892204343 ST892304343 ST877504343 ST877604343 ST877704343 ST892404343 ST892504343
    American Walnut ST892201313 ST892301313 ST877501313 ST877601313 ST877701313 ST892401313 ST892501313
    Acrylic White ST892208282 ST892308282 ST877508282 ST877608282 ST877708282 ST892408282 ST892508282
  • Niche Panels
    Finishes 1490mm 1590mm 1690mm
    Walnut Dark ST893602121 ST893702121 ST893802121
    Ticino Cherry Tree ST893607373 ST893707373 ST893807373
    Terra ST893601414 ST893701414 ST893801414
    Taupe ST893609191 ST893709191 ST893809191
    Pine Terra ST893605151 ST893705151 ST893805151
    Pine Silver ST893603131 ST893703131 ST893803131
    Oak ST893600505 ST893700505 ST893800505
    Natural Walnut ST893607979 ST893707979 ST893807979
    Mediterranean Oak ST893607171 ST893707171 ST893807171
    Macassar ST893602424 ST893702424 ST893802424
    Linen ST893607575 ST893707575 ST893807575
    Light Blue Matt ST893600909 ST893700909 ST893800909
    Graphite Matt ST893604949 ST893704949 ST893804949
    European Oak ST893605252 ST893705252 ST893805252
    Conrecte Grey Matt ST893600707 ST893700707 ST893800707
    Chestnut Dark ST893605353 ST893705353 ST893805353
    Cashmere Oak ST893601111 ST893701111 ST893801111
    Brushed Walnut ST893606969 ST893706969 ST893806969
    Brushed Oak ST893601212 ST893701212 ST893801212
    Brushed Dark Oak ST893607272 ST893707272 ST893807272
    Basalt Matt ST893604343 ST893704343 ST893804343
    American Walnut ST893601313 ST893701313 ST893801313
    Acrylic White ST893608282 ST893708282 ST893808282
  • Corner Left Panels
    Finishes 1490 x 690mm 1490 x 740mm 1590 x 690mm 1690 x 690mm 1690 x 740mm 1690 x 790mm 1690 x 890mm
    Walnut Dark ST890802121 ST890902121 ST878502121 ST878602121 ST878702121 ST891002121 ST891102121
    Ticino Cherry Tree ST890807373 ST890907373 ST878507373 ST878607373 ST878707373 ST891007373 ST891107373
    Terra ST890801414 ST890901414 ST878501414 ST878601414 ST878701414 ST891001414 ST891101414
    Taupe ST890809191 ST890909191 ST878509191 ST878609191 ST878709191 ST891009191 ST891109191
    Pine Terra ST890805151 ST890905151 ST878505151 ST878605151 ST878705151 ST891005151 ST891105151
    Pine Silver ST890803131 ST890903131 ST878503131 ST878603131 ST878703131 ST891003131 ST891103131
    Oak ST890800505 ST890900505 ST878500505 ST878600505 ST878700505 ST891000505 ST891100505
    Natural Walnut ST890807979 ST890907979 ST878507979 ST878607979 ST878707979 ST891007979 ST891107979
    Mediterranean Oak ST890807171 ST890907171 ST878507171 ST878607171 ST878707171 ST891007171 ST891107171
    Macassar ST890802424 ST890902424 ST878502424 ST878602424 ST878702424 ST891002424 ST891102424
    Linen ST890807575 ST890907575 ST878507575 ST878607575 ST878707575 ST891007575 ST891107575
    Light Blue Matt ST890800909 ST890900909 ST878500909 ST878600909 ST878700909 ST891000909 ST891100909
    Graphite Matt ST890804949 ST890904949 ST878504949 ST878604949 ST878704949 ST891004949 ST891104949
    European Oak ST890805252 ST890905252 ST878505252 ST878605252 ST878705252 ST891005252 ST891105252
    Concrete Grey Matt ST890800707 ST890900707 - ST878600707 ST878700707 ST891000707 ST891100707
    Chestnut Dark ST890805353 ST890905353 ST878505353 ST878605353 ST878705353 ST891005353 ST891105353
    Cashmere Oak ST890801111 ST890901111 ST878501111 ST878601111 ST878701111 ST891001111 ST891101111
    Brushed Walnut ST890806969 ST890906969 ST878506969 ST878606969 ST878706969 ST891006969 ST891106969
    Brushed Oak ST890801212 ST890901212 ST878501212 ST878601212 ST878701212 ST891001212 ST891101212
    Brushed Dark Oak ST890807272 ST890907272 ST878507272 ST878607272 ST878707272 ST891007272 ST891107272
    Basalt Matt ST890804343 ST890904343 ST878504343 ST878604343 ST878704343 ST891004343 ST891104343
    American Walnut ST890801313 ST890901313 ST878501313 ST878601313 ST878701313 ST891001313 ST891101313
    Acrylic White ST890808282 ST890908282 ST878508282 ST878608282 ST878708282 ST891008282 ST891108282
  • Corner Right Panels
    Finishes 1490 x 690mm 1490 x 740mm 1590 x 690mm 1690 x 690mm 1690 x 740mm 1690 x 790mm 1690 x 890mm
    Walnut Dark ST891502121 ST891602121 ST878002121 ST878102121 ST878202121 ST891702121 ST891802121
    Ticino Cherry Tree ST891507373 ST891607373 ST878007373 ST878107373 ST878207373 ST891707373 ST891807373
    Terra ST891501414 ST891601414 ST878001414 ST878101414 ST878201414 ST891701414 ST891801414
    Taupe ST891509191 ST891609191 ST878009191 ST878109191 ST878209191 ST891709191 ST891809191
    Pine Terra ST891505151 ST891605151 ST878005151 ST878105151 ST878205151 ST891705151 ST891805151
    Pine Silver ST891503131 ST891603131 ST878003131 ST878103131 ST878203131 ST891703131 ST891803131
    Oak ST891500505 ST891600505 ST878000505 ST878100505 ST878200505 ST891700505 ST891800505
    Natural Walnut ST891507979 ST891607979 ST878007979 ST878107979 ST878207979 ST891707979 ST891807979
    Mediterranean Oak ST891507171 ST891607171 ST878007171 ST878107171 ST878207171 ST891707171 ST891807171
    Macassar ST891502424 ST891602424 ST878002424 ST878102424 ST878202424 ST891702424 ST891802424
    Linen ST891507575 ST891607575 ST878007575 ST878107575 ST878207575 ST891707575 ST891807575
    Light Blue Matt ST891500909 ST891600909 ST878000909 ST878100909 ST878200909 ST891700909 ST891800909
    Graphite Matt ST891504949 ST891604949 ST878004949 ST878104949 ST878204949 ST891704949 ST891804949
    European Oak ST891505252 ST891605252 ST878005252 ST878105252 ST878205252 ST891705252 ST891805252
    Concrete Grey Matt ST891500707 ST891600707 ST878000707 ST878100707 ST878200707 ST891700707 ST891800707
    Chestnut Dark ST891505353 ST891605353 ST878005353 ST878105353 ST878205353 ST891705353 ST891805353
    Cashmere Oak ST891501111 ST891601111 ST878001111 ST878101111 ST878201111 ST891701111 ST891801111
    Brushed Walnut ST891506969 ST891606969 ST878006969 ST878106969 ST878206969 ST891706969 ST891806969
    Brushed Oak ST891501212 ST891601212 ST878001212 ST878101212 ST878201212 ST891701212 ST891801212
    Brushed Dark Oak ST891507272 ST891607272 ST878007272 ST878107272 ST878207272 ST891707272 ST891807272
    Basalt Matt ST891504343 ST891604343 ST878004343 ST878104343 ST878204343 ST891704343 ST891804343
    American Walnut ST891501313 ST891601313 ST878001313 ST878101313 ST878201313 ST891701313 ST891801313
    Acrylic White ST891508282 ST891608282 ST878008282 ST878108282 ST878208282 ST891708282 ST891808282

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