Burlington Claremont Regent Basin Mixer Tap With Plug And Chain

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Brand : Burlington
MFC Code : CLR5
10 Years

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A marvelous acquisition for the home, the Regent Basin Mixer Tap, from Burlington Claremont, consists of basin mixer with plug and chain, a pair of Claremont tap handles and Regent small single tap base. The highlight of this mixer tap is the factory-fitted Flow Straighter for use in low water pressure systems and an Aerator to replace the Flow Straighter, in high water pressure systems, both to ensure a controlled even flow without splashing or wastage. The 179mm high tap is made of brass, finished in chrome and fitted with a ceramic index instead of plastic. It is suitable for operation at 0.1 bar minimum and 10 bar maximum water pressure.

  • Claremont basin mixer with with plug and chain [CLR5]
  • Consists of :
    Basin Mixer, with plug & chain (excluding tap heads & base) [T13]
    Claremont tap handles (pair) [T1]
    Regent small single tap base (for Basin & Bidet monoblocs - single) [T4B]
  • Link chain, not the thread and ball type
  • Tap is manufactured from brass ingots and chrome plated to 0.3-0.4 micron
  • Supplied with flow straighter - this is for use with low water pressure
  • Supplied with aerator - this is for use with high water pressure
  • Traditional design tap
  • The aerators are designed to limit the flow of water to a fixed rate - regardless of the incoming water pressure- so you have optimal performance from your tap, without wasting any water
  • Bodies are of all brass construction
  • Suitable for operation at (10 bar max.) and a minimum flow pressure of  (0.1 bar)
  • Height : 179mm
  • Width : 215mm
  • Regent taps are 3cm higher than standard taps
  • Centre of Intel to Outlet is : 126mm
  • All tap indices are made from ceramic - absolutely no plastic
  • Claremont Regent taps have a four spindle tap head with a ceramic indice in the centre
  • Guarantee 10 years from Burlington
  • Aerators create the 'champagne' effect in the flow of the water
  • Flow straighteners make the flow of the water cleaner, so there is less splashing

Note: The tap comes with a factory-fitted flow straightener for low pressure water systems. If the
water flow is high, replace the factory-fitted flow straightener with the high pressure aerator.
Both the aerator and a Neoperl key to replace the flow straightener are supplied with every tap.

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