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Ranges of Aquaestil

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Aquaestil Plane


When simple luxury is on your mind, then Aquaestil’s baths are the perfect answer. These rectangular shaped baths are subtle and versatile in how they...

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Aquaestil Mercury


Aquaestil presents these rectangular, stylish baths with smooth inner curves in its range called Mercury. If you are looking for baths with superior f...

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Aquaestil Iris


Aquaestil’s Iris bathtubs are the perfect addition to any compact bathroom area. Shower baths are the modern solution to problems of space and time co...

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Aquaestil Arena

Aquaestil, one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of Baths have launched Standard Baths, Shower Baths and Whirlpool Baths. Aquaestil baths in the Arena range are standard baths, rectangular in shape and feature inner soft lines for a supremely relaxing soak. A perfect balance of style and practicality make these bathtubs ideal for most bathroom décor, modern or traditional. When you are looking for a standard tub with a touch of luxury, Arena meets you all the way.

From £270.59
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Aquaestil Metauro

Aquaestil comes up with brilliant bathing and showering systems that reflect the class and refinements that's inherent to the brand. Metauro baths offer sophisticated designs to help create the perfect bathroom accessory for your daily use. These feature an elegant oval shape with smooth curves that scream comfort. Sure to appeal to your finer senses, it comes in standalone version as well as left and right-hand versions, suitable to be leaned on the wall or placed in the corner.

From £284.75
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Aquaestil Comet

Homeowners want to personalize their space in a way that reflects their personality and taste. And Aquaestil offers them a variety of choices where a bathroom can now be turned into a stylish space with their Comet range of bathtubs. Comet features sophisticated curves, smooth edges and minimalistic looks that fit into any corner of a compact bathroom space. You are sure to fall in love with the majestic designs and comfort offered by this magnificent corner tub.

From £203.15
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Aquaestil Modena

Aquaestil manufactures a variety of baths for both small and large areas. Their Modena range of rectangular baths is crafted with care, using only the very latest techniques. Modena range offers plane as well as whirlpool baths that allow you to select and choose; some give you the option of extra thermal insulation with patented AQUAMAXX. Modern design combined with super-stylish finishes and great utility further adds to their attraction.

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Aquaestil Calisto

You are sure to take pride in owning these unique, well-crafted tubs, beautifully designed by Aquaestil. Each and every tub from Aquaestil is comforting and beckons you to step in for a relaxing soak. Calisto range of baths is an interesting mix of bathtubs available in multiple dimensions to fit different needs. Oval shapes and ergonomically approved design will support your body perfectly.

From £254.15
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Aquaestil Thames

Aquaestil presents you exceptional bathtubs from its many ranges, launched with different and ever changing needs of the masses. The modern design and robust practicality of Thames tubs compels you to make an informed choice. These multifunctional elements come in asymmetric shapes and are ideal for both bathing and showering. Most of these baths come with Whirlpool jets for an awe-inspiring, spa-like bathing session.

Da Vinci
From £322.15
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Aquaestil Da Vinci

Aquaestil, the bathtub company, incorporates latest processes and the finest materials in manufacture of their baths. A 25-year guarantee on all acrylic baths is a further testimony of the quality of each and every member of the range. Da Vinci series of tubs are interesting in approach, asymmetrical in shape and multi-functional. Adapted for having a bath and a shower, they will perform well in combination with a shower screen.



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Whrilpool Baths

Whrilpool Baths

From £250.75
Corner Baths

Corner Baths

From £296.66
Shower Screens

Shower Screens

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About the Brand


Assume elitism and realise the never-before privileges of being a class apart. Highest in magnitude when it comes to style, most elevated when it comes to exquisiteness, elegance and minimalism, Aquaestil’s extravagant bathing utilities embark on their creativity and technological cusp, which have been immensely crucial in creating the best-in-class Bathtubs, Massage Systems & Bath Screens. From their repertoire, quality hails, reinforced strength of the utility wonders bespeak and their adroitness resonate distinctly.

Why Aquaestil Baths Are Trendsetting?

Envisioning futuristically, Aquaestil behold the sphere of showering merchandises to be one of the most prolific in the entire gamut. So be it their Rectangular baths crafted to perfection with specific, clear and defined lines with spacious orientations, they are predominant in the spectrum. Apart from the rest such as Massage Systems and toughened Glass Screens, the bathtubs vertical have more in terms of dimensions such Asymmetrical, Oval, L-Shaped Baths and so on. Aqva Bathrooms have strewn all of those on their web-store; take a look right away!

Top Sellers in Aquaestil
Aquaestil Comet Aquamaxx 1500mm Left Handed 6 Jets Whirlpool Bath
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£770.10 RRP £1008.00

The Aquaestil Comet Aquamaxx Whirlpool Bath brings you the rare treat of a spa or jacuzzi in the comfort of your home to be enjoyed as and when you wa...

Aquaestil Da Vinci 1700mm Right Handed 24 Jets Whirlpool Bath
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£1426.98 RRP £1836.00

Add a touch of elegance to your bathroom with the pristine white Da Vinci Whirlpool Bath from Aquaestil. It incorporates 24 jets at strategic points a...

Aquaestil Comet Aquamaxx 1500mm Right Handed 14 Jets Whirlpool Bath
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£953.70 RRP £1236.00

Ideal for installation on the left-hand side, the Aquaestil Comet Aquamaxx 1500mm Whirlpool Bath is a bath that features 14 jets inside of it. This ba...

Aquaestil Comet Aquamaxx 1500mm Left Handed 11 Jets Whirlpool Bath
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£878.22 RRP £1140.00

The Aquaestil Comet Aquamaxx Whirlpool Bath speaks of luxury, comfort, and elegance with the incorporation of a sophisticated whirlpool system. The je...

Aquaestil Metauro 2 1800 x 800mm Right Handed 6 Jets Whirlpool Bath
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£655.86 RRP £852.00

The Aquaestil Metauro 6 Jets Whirlpool Bath is carved out of a rectangular monobloc using advanced acrylic technology and cut into its signature recta...

Aquaestil Mercury 1700 x 750mm Whirlpool Bath With 24 Jets
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£1288.26 RRP £1680.00

The Aquaestil Mercury Whirlpool Bath is the perfect way to turn your bath into a luxurious spa experience. The hi-tech Whirlpool system includes direc...

Aquaestil Arena Aquamaxx 1700 x 750mm Whirlpool Bath With 11 Jets
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£831.30 RRP £944.40

Aquaestil Arena Aquamaxx 1700 x 750mm Whirlpool Bath With 11 Jets.

Aquaestil Metauro 2 1800 x 800mm Left Handed 8 Jets Whirlpool Bath
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£709.92 RRP £1158.00

The Aquaestil Metauro 2 Whirlpool Bath makes it possible for you to enjoy that spa pampering in the privacy of your home because it is affordable and ...

Aquaestil Iris Aquamaxx 1700mm Right Handed 24 Jets Whirlpool Bath
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£1495.32 RRP £1918.80

The Aquaestil Iris Aquamaxx Whirlpool Bath effortlessly blends cutting-edge design, superior performance, and lasting quality and is sure to be the pr...

Aquaestil Iris White 1500mm Right Handed Corner Bath
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£296.65 RRP £386.13

The Aquaestil Iris Corner Bath possesses an asymmetrical form which is suitable for a corner situation. It is curvaceous in its contours with a captiv...

Aquaestil Plane 1800 x 900mm Whirlpool Bath With 8 Jets
Rating: Brand Review Star Now
£807.84 RRP £1050.00

Aquaestil Plane Series Whirlpool Bath is an epitome of modern luxury and functions like a dream. This rectangular sanitaryware is constructed from bes...