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About the Brand

Red Dot

In the ever-changing sphere of home building, aesthetics enhancing and utilities usage, innovations have taken an overwhelming pace. Red Dot Products is a company that envisages the age and the spinning century to be benign to the forthcoming generation, as modernism in products spectrum is believed to transform homes, work places and other spaces of inhabitancy. The ranges include their segments of product utilities such as “Never Drill Again”, “Porcel – Thin” and “Magic Stud Finder.”

How Red Dot Products Can Make A Difference?

Red Dot’s inherent cusp of cutting edge technology and insights of the needs of fixtures and accessories has been tremendously prolific in the orb space creation, alteration, building and modification. The repertoire of the classified segments comprises Doorstops, Hooks, Generic Adapters and Kitchen Rails include a variety of sleek conventional porcelain tiles - for ceilings, walls, floors, available in diverse colours; To top it all, their ground-breaking “Magic Stud Finder” has defied stud related glitches with the Stud Finder that is colossally helpful in locating wall studs.