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Aqualux Aqua 55

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A stunning base for your enclosure comes from Aqualux, the renowned company for manufacturing splendiferous showering elements. The vast range of Aqua 55 Shower Trays from Aqualux offers massive support to the shower enclosure. Complete with amalgamation of fibreglass, polyester resin, and fully enclosed 9mm backing board, these shower trays are made from Porcelain Acrylic. Featuring square, rectangle, and quadrant shower trays, Aqua 55 also provides trays for offset quadrant with an option of left and right hand.

Aqualux Aqua 55 Rectangular Shower Trays | Square Trays

The clean lines, sophisticated design, and white finish of Aqualux Aqua 55 Shower Trays can add a straightforward yet striking touch to any shower enclosure. With a wide range of shapes and sizes that are being offered by Aqua 55, allows you to choose the appropriate model for your shower enclosure. Aqua 55 trays come with a unique ring support system, which additionally strengthens the tray, removing the risk of deflection, while use. The entire series of Aqua 55 Shower Trays carry a 10 year guarantee from Aqualux.

Aqualux Aqua 55 Off-Set Quadrant Shower Tray
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Aqualux Aqua 55 Square Shower Tray White
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£69.75 RRP £93.00