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Burlington Avon

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Sail on the new waves of style and classiness!
Add a touch of sublime grace to your already elegant looking bathroom! Get lauded for your modernistic outlook and modishness in taste and style, with the Avon series of Valves from the house of Burlington. The dramatic designs and subtle patterns and shapes of the Valves from this novelty are sheer treat for everyone. Quite comprehensibly, the great structure provides you all you require, in fact, more than that.

Burlington Avon Thermostatic Shower Valve

The soft and supple bravura look and its potency to operate with ease, coupled with plumbing convenience are like additional splendour to this great range of Avon.  The masterwork of Burlington is explicitly evident in this magnificent piece of brass. Off the inside, beneath the fittings, the marvellous Valves just stand class apart, creating a luxuriating ambiance. It gleams and embellishes any monochrome environment into a lively milieu, with its splendid designs and shapes.