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Carron X-Factor

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Meticulous construction with passionate creativity is what Carron’s X-Factor Baths are. The extensive series of X-Factor Baths are specially designed for children and people with impaired mobility. The height of 430mm allows children and handicap people to use it comfortably.  Paired with technological advances, Carron X-Factor Baths can form an authentic aura of luxury. Every bath of X-Factor is capable of delivering pleasure, beyond imaginations. Built strong from reliable, 5mm thick acrylic, X-Factor Baths stands out to the best even in the long run.

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Apart from the latest design, X-Factor Baths offers ingenious of Carron. Comfort will always be a part of your bathroom with the series graceful and excellent baths. You can choose X-Factor Baths made of unique Carronite Material that offers enhanced strength to the baths.  X-Factor comprises of Axis and Matrix Baths with shallow depth whereas the Apex and Index Bath comes with a normal depth of 540mm. Grips and bath panels can be added to derive utmost comfort from Carron X-Factor Baths.