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Lakes Island

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There is no reason to believe that you are limited to only a handful of options when selecting shower doors and enclosures. Thanks to their ability to think far outside of the proverbial box, the artisans at Lakes Showering Spaces have developed an entirely new line of enclosures. Known as the Island line, you can select from a handful of bespoke styles which will provide your bathroom with a sense of openness and allure that might not be possible otherwise. This collection is comprised of five configurations: Cayman, Granada, Barbados, Tobago, and Martinique. While each variant boasts is own unique personality, the entire line shares a handful of important features in common. First and foremost, the Island line can be used in bathrooms as well as wet rooms. The tempered glass is eight millimetres thick and two metres high. This makes these units extremely durable and suited for the majority of environments. The walls are also fully reversible; a nice touch that is not often seen in generic pieces. The designers of this collection are so confident in your satisfaction that they have provided a lifetime guarantee.

Lakes Island 800mm Hinged Bath Screen
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