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Tre Mercati Contour

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Be peerless!
An eclectic of sheer beauty in the Contour series of Bath Taps Pair with Cross Head knob! They have been indeed contoured to magnificence. The entire series is indeed a beautiful treat for all those who endear beauty, grace, style and quality. The Contour series is an all-in-one enigma for a perfect a bathroom setting.  Features may be in multitude, but the quality is, undoubtedly,  unique and of high class. Let everyone behold the beauty with reverence!

Tre Mercati Contour Shower Kit | Tap Spout | Tap Head

Tre Mercati has always striven diligently to give masterpieces that exude elegance, style and perform exceedingly well.  The Contour series is yet another edition from their astonishing creations that assure completeness. Invariably, this series also serves you optimally; they have been crafted with the best brass pieces. Furthermore, they mesmerise the onlookers with the glimmer and gloss, befitting your aesthetics. Thus, the contour series surpasses and excels all the conventional ones in its league, stands class apart for its look, performance, yet available at attractive prices.

Tre Mercati Contour Wall Bracket
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