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If you to choose to possess the best in your Home Decor & Bathroom setting, there can’t be a better choice than the Florence range of Basin Mixer Taps, Bath Taps Pair &  Pillar Bath Filler Taps from Tre Mercati. Their opulent style doesn’t limit from impressing everyone. They profoundly fascinate everyone who looks at them. They conjure with spellbinding impact, whilst embellishing the ambiance with illuminating radiance.

Tre Mercati Florence Pair of Taps | Mixer Taps

They magnanimously charm everyone with their illustrious shape, designs and sensual look – courtesy - the extraordinary brass work by Tre Mercati. You can well feel the brightness and resplendence in your bathroom, because of the gloss finish of the chrome. They are the pristine art work of delicate craftsmanship, worked to detail to fit every bathroom setting. They don’t thwart themselves from slaking all eyes craving for magical glimmer and shimmer, which are the admirable qualities apart from their performance and plumbing convenience. 

Tre Mercati Florence Pillar Bath Filler Tap
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Tre Mercati Florence Bath Taps
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Tre Mercati Florence Basin Taps
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£31.32 RRP £69.60