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About Triton Digital


Triton brings you whole new experience of showering by introducing Digital Showers for your bathroom. These powerful showers from Triton would soak in the energies whenever you shower underneath it. Elevate yourself to a state of tranquility with these powerful and invigorating Digital showers from Triton. We stock a complete range of Triton Showers including the Digital Range.

Electric Shower V/S Digital Showers

Digital showers as compared to electric showers leave the latter behind when it comes to ease of use and reliability. Although electric showers do give you a wide range of options when it comes to temperature control and the pressure control, digital showers tend to give you a wider selection and will help you to have a more personalize showering experience. Digital showers also tend to work faster than their electric counterparts and will even shut off if there is a shortage of cold or hot water. While digital showers are usually better when it comes to the showering experience, the extra functions do cost a bit more.