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Apollo Radiators Ferrara

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Unleash brilliance Largesse of grandeur, opulence and deftness of quality and performance are the expressions often stated for Apollo’s creative and designer radiators. One of the radiant ones in the range is Ferrara - the classy collection of Stainless Steel Decorative Radiators. Emanating appropriate heat and consummately managing temperature in any environment, they have been crafted to perfection; thus the Ferrara range is a pure work of unmatched master craftsmanship. With its sublime stainless steel radiators, Ferrara emerges as a transforming factor for all settings.

How An Apollo Ferrara Radiator Can Make A Difference?

To add on to the conjuring spell of Apollo is also the glass radiator, in the Ferrara range. Further, to substantiate the grace and grandeur, are the glass wave and stone radiators. Ferrara has been created with Apollo’s cutting edge technology, which is its incomparable strength. Few of the heart stealing fortes are the range’s immense flexibility in blending in with every decor; also, versatility, and reinforced body for power and vigour. Essentially, the glass radiators have been carved with tempered glass, with a panel of stainless steel and the stone type has been whittled with natural stone.

Apollo Ferrara 2000mm High Stainless Steel Radiator
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