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Apollo Radiators Straight Towel Warmers

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Complete Feistiness Experience full poise and balmiest warmth even in the extreme frosting climate, with exuberance evoking Straight Towel Warmers, and the creators of them are none else than Apollo Radiators – a name synonymous to perfection, quality performance and trustworthiness. Always having been known for some stupendous radiators and towel warmers, they have yet again replicated their signature modernism and minimalism in this range of Straight Towel Warmers. As their other towel warmers, this range comprises adaptability to electric as well dual fuel systems alike.

What Makes Apollo Straight Towel Warmers, Incomparable?

More than that, the range embodies classiness and elitism in style, whilst performing beyond everybody’s expectations. The straight Towel Warmers, being Apollo Radiators’ yet another wonder replica, are the best suitors for any type of ambiance - bathroom, cloakrooms or suchlike. Amply versatile, the range is a complete combination of astounding pieces that have been meticulously crafted to blend in any modern setting with immeasurable elegance. Yet again, Apollo’s true spirit of providing satisfaction through durability and longevity of the towel warmers is evident.

Apollo Venezia Contemporary 600mm Wide Multirail
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£180.00 RRP £240.00
Apollo Venezia Contemporary 500mm Wide Multirail
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£162.00 RRP £216.00