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April Pivot Door

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Have a showering experience that enthrals and leaves with you with an experience that you will cherish. The Identiti2 Pivot Shower Doors will pivot you into an ecstatic world of fascinating beauty. These easy-to-operate doors enable you to enjoy, your showers, undisturbed. Being wetroom and power shower compatible, they keep your bathroom looking not only spic and span, but also dry. Thus, there is no chance of slippage. Special attention has been paid to manufacturing processes to bring you shower doors of superlative quality. These doors of 6mm toughened glass are sure to complement your bathroom decor.

Identiti2 Pivot Shower Doors from April

If you are seeking doors that combine quality with durability, then you cannot go wrong with Identity2 Pivot Doors. Complete with a lifetime guarantee these 1850mm high doors are easy to clean. The stylish solid aluminium handle blends perfectly with the polished silver frame. The fully concealed fixings give you the added advantage of not ruining the overall decor of the bathroom. With quality par excellence, Identiti2 doors should be your first choice. 

April Identiti2 1900mm High Pivot Shower Door
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