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April Shower Quadrants

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Showers are refreshing. As the droplets of water trickle down your torso you feel rejuvenated. Within the confines of Identiti2 Shower Quadrant, your showering becomes a more enthusiastic.  Identiti2 Shower Quadrants offer beauty, functionality and durability, all rolled into one. Their toughness and ethereal glam will appeal to the aesthetic senses making them an ideal option for all home owners. The wide range of shower quadrants makes Identiti2 suitable for every bathroom. The silver frames and stylish aluminium handles add new dimensions to their beauty and make these quadrants, awe inspiring. 

April Identiti2 Quadrants - Bow Fronted - P Shaped - U Shaped

The Identiti2 Shower Quadrants come in various forms, to suit individual requirements. Featuring Single Door, Double Door, P Shaped, U shaped, and Bow Fronted quadrants, Identiti2 makes it easy for you to choose the right model. Made of 6mm toughened safety glass, these quadrants come with a lifetime guarantee.  Having quick release rollers, makes the cleaning process easy.  Identiti2 quadrants are power shower and wet room compatible. Concealed fixings prevent the bathroom decor from being marred. Truly these shower quadrants combine beauty with utility and add, to the grandeur of your bathroom.