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April Shower Quadrants

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April gives you the opportunity, to add a touch or classiness in your daily affair, by presenting majestically created Prestige2 Shower Quadrants, featuring frameless design. To suit your convenience, Prestige2 offers you Single Door Quadrants and Single Door Offset Quadrants. Taking a shower within the confines of either of excessively spacious Prestige2 Quadrants, would be a pleasant experience, which will leave you elated. Complete with a lifetime guarantee, every Prestige2 Shower Quadrant, can make showering area, captivating and practical.

April Prestige2 Single Door Offset Quadrants

Prestige2 quadrants are a combination of magnificence and sturdiness. Made of 8mm toughened glass, and standing to a height of 2 metres, Prestige2 Shower Quadrants feature a chrome plated, brass handle and hinges. Treated with Clean & Clear nano technology these quadrants are able to retain their pristine appearance for a longer duration. This process also helps the glass prevent the growth of bacteria, making quadrants, more hygienic. The colour matched soft close door seals makes Prestige2 Quadrants, incredibly user-friendly.