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April Wetrooms

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The excitement that you can never hold can be now experienced with April’s Identiti2 Wetrooms – either with a Return Panel or a Side Panel. The exhilaration that comes when the droplets of the heavenly nectar slowly trickles down your backs, which showering in glorifying Identiti2 Wetrooms. These wetrooms are absolute masterpieces and create an ambience that will make you linger within its confines for hours.

April Identiti2 Wetroom With Return Panel

Providing you value for money, April’s Identiti2 Wetrooms, made from 8mm toughened safety glass, come with a lifetime guarantee. Having a height of 1.95m, these wetrooms offer a crystal clear view due to the Clean & Clear nano technology protective barrier, creating a non stick surface and resisting lime scale build up and water spots. Available in a variety of sizes, Identiti2 Wetrooms promises to deliver mesmerising showers, at leisure.

April Identiti2 Wetroom Clear 8mm Glass Panel
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£167.14 RRP £328.00