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Aquaestil Calisto

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You are sure to take pride in owning these unique, well-crafted tubs, beautifully designed by Aquaestil. Each and every tub from Aquaestil is comforting and beckons you to step in for a relaxing soak. Calisto range of baths is an interesting mix of bathtubs available in multiple dimensions to fit different needs. Oval shapes and ergonomically approved design will support your body perfectly.

Whirlpools and more!

Calisto range includes Plane double ended and luxurious whirlpool bath options that create a spa-like, serene atmosphere in your bathroom. Featuring clean, simple design, every bathtub is spacious enough to offer a truly relaxing experience. Calisto Whirlpools bring the spa experience into your home with high pressure jets targeting and massaging your tired muscles. High quality finishes lend them a stylish look and afford durability.

Aquaestil Calisto Whirlpool Bath 1800 x 800mm
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£631.38 RRP £816.00
Aquaestil Calisto 170mm Whirlpool Bath
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£586.50 RRP £756.00
Aquaestil Calisto Rectangular Bath White
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£203.15 RRP £264.81