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Astracast Granite Sinks

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Astracast is well recognised as the market leader in the manufacture of kitchen sinks, taps and accessories. The company has been making sinks in materials including Stainless Steel, Composite Granite and Ceramic. Astracast products promise and deliver innovation, good designs and performance. Granite sinks from Astracast offer the latest in design, development, and quality assurance, and consistency. Granite sinks are good looking, available in a variety of shapes, sizes with one or two bowl options and resistant to stains, intense heat, scratching and everyday use.

A Reliable Source!

Considering the daily ravages in the kitchen that your sink endures, it has to be highly durable and resistant to rust, scratches and detergents. That’s why Astracast use only the right material for the manufacture of its sinks and one of the best is ROK Granite. A mix of granite and quartz in the right proportion ROK Granite sinks are tougher, stronger and more durable. Built to last a lifetime and, therefore, come with a Lifetime Guarantee from Astracast against material and manufacturing defect.

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