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While decorating the house, often scant attention is paid to beautifying the bathroom. Enhancing the attractiveness and elegance of the bathroom helps in increasing the overall charismatic charm of your entire house. To create a comfortable space for you to soak and relax, Essential has come up with bath panels that will enhance the beauty of your bathtub. The bathroom, it must be realised, is one of the most important rooms in the house. Beautification of a bathroom, therefore, assumes priority status for a homeowner who is aware of the importance of meticulously designing the interiors of the bathroom to enhance the overall effect of home decor.

Essential Bath Screens

Bath panels and screens help you in separating the wet area from the dry one. Bath screens, while giving you a sense of privacy also ensures unnecessary spillage of water from the bathtub, particularly when the children splurge and splash water around. But bath screens and panels have to be painstakingly chosen for their beauty and functionality. Essential, a company that is always seeking to come up with innovative and beautiful bathroom creations has a wide collection, each superseding the other in terms of beauty and functionality, for you to select from. You can’t go wrong with Essential! The company, which is in its youthful age, has products designed to please not only the young and young at heart but also those with a traditional bent of mind.

Essential Cascade 2 Panel Bath Screen 800 x 1400mm
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