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Hudson Reed Tower Shower

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Hudson Reed Tower Shower creates a tranquil scheme that merges with the bathroom interiors and offers a powerful showering experience, whenever needed. Below we have showcased a series of Hudson Reed Tower Showers, which will definitely impress you. Besides being easy to install, these tower showers are now available at AQVA Bathrooms at discounted rates.

Benefits of Tower Shower

If you’re thinking of buying a tower shower, you may be aware of their many benefits. Tower showers are popular for their stylish profiles, and they display a clean, modern finish that will complement just about any bathroom or shower room. They require minimum space as they are mounted to the bathroom wall and offer experiences almost similar to a tub or enclosure. Tower showers come with easy to use temperature control, which means you get to enjoy the perfect temperature every time you use it. Featuring a host of comforting features, these add immense value to your wash spaces. Most of them come with an adjustable maximum temperature which means you will not accidentally turn the water up too hot, which could result in scalding. You can choose between varieties of showering sensations, using the spray patterns available on the tower. Some come with the additional safety feature of automatic shut-down in case of hot or cold water supply failure. They are easy to install and clean, and a quick wipe will get rid of any visible splash signs. Choose from a variety of styles, colors, and sizes.

Hudson Reed Glacier White Thermostatic Shower Panel
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£492.80 RRP £1232.00
Hudson Reed Lava Thermostatic Shower Panel
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£422.40 RRP £1056.00