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Ideal Standard Space

3 Products - Ideal Standard

With the Ideal Standard Space collection, any bathroom can be transformed into a stunning bathroom. This series is designed to look beautiful in small rooms as well as large spacious bathrooms. With the unique design, storage space is incorporated around the toilet and sink, and this grouping allows more space in the bathroom for moving. Each piece in this range is expertly crafted, which can transform a limited space into a stunning room of which you can be proud of. With exceptional cabinetry, sturdy porcelain pieces and chrome finished faucets, this would be the ideal designer choice for your bathroom.

Why Ideal Standard Space

Ideal Standard Space is one of the best range for Compact Bathrooms. Being compact in shape, sanitary ware and furniture units also help balance the composition of the bathroom, and add more free space. Designed by Robin Levien these designer pieces blends beautifully in any bathroom and crates a focal point, while keeping the rest neutral.