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Sagittarius Infra Red

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Careful attention to detail can make all the difference, and at AQVA Bathrooms, we go in-depth and bring you the product to make an informed choice for your bathroom. Sagittarius Infra-red features Iconic Design, which exudes an irresistible charisma and blends beautifully with modern bathroom décor. Here, we have showcased Sagittarius Infra-Red sensor taps, which can actually change the character of a room thoroughly and dramatically.

Why Infra-Red Taps From Sagittarius?

Infra-Red Taps from Sagittarius are a modern take on brassware design and make them one of the best choice available in the market. Infra-Red Taps from Sagittarius add something natural, organic and very striking. These Taps from Infra-red fits into any bathroom space perfectly. Manufactured with the best material, Infra-red taps adds a touch of upmarket luxury.