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Tavistock Meridian

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Innovative and trendy, the ecstatic Meridian series of Furniture from Tavistock fetches only admirations for you. Possessing the wonders of Meridian will bring in resplendence and an oasis of delight into your bathroom space. The everlasting class and style of every piece such as Freestanding Units with Basins and Front & End Bath Panels are quintessential masterpieces of Tavistock, for their sheer elegance in look and astounding performances. Moreover, as in other creations, Tavistock’s inherent perfectionism is manifest in this series.

How Tavistock Meridian Furniture Adds Grandeur In A Bathroom?

Amazingly magical, every piece in the bevy simply flashes with immeasurable brightness and aura of ebullience in every bathroom space, apart from consummately serving the purpose of providing hassle-free and glitch-free functionality, assuring long lasting lifespan. The ever-gracing Floor standing Storage Units, Corner Units with Basins, or for that matter, the Back to Wall WC Units, simply exceed every expectation as the other utilities in Meridian series. Tavistock’s master work is markedly evident in the top class performance and elite style of the series, as a whole. 

Tavistock Meridian 1700mm Front Bath Panel
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£36.63 RRP £61.10
Tavistock Meridian 700mm End Bath Panel
Now Rating: Brand Review Star
£24.28 RRP £37.80