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Tivolis Curved Towel Rails

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Tivolis is one of the largest providers of Radiators and Towel Warmers that offer genuine quality, prices and material. Radiators from Tivolis come in different design and sizes and offer excellent warming to the coldest and most uncomfortable of spaces as and when needed. Curved series of towel rails from Tivolis are offered as a variation to the standard straight and normal design. These appliances are efficient and free from technical snags that are commonly seen in substandard quality units and may have experienced in the past. Ready to use Toasty towels are the outcome of the brand’s focus on high quality production methods, effective design and great quality raw material. Sleek and sensible Curved Towel Rails allow you to spread out the towels for quick drying. Free from any harsh edges, these are smoothly rounded for convenience. Merging nicely into any space, these rails also add to the splendour of the bathroom.