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Twyford Galerie Plan

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Twyford Galerie Plan Urinal Bowl 325 x 300 x 580mm
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About Twyford Galerie Plan


If you are thinking, can there be a minimalistic design in Urinals? Well, the answer is, yes. Twyford presents a scintillating collection of Galerie Plan Urinals that are not only minimalistic in design, but also impressively practical. The swanky design of Galerie Plan Urinals will leave you speechless with outstanding practicality. Every urinal of this series has been created from the best of Vitreous China material, ensuring magnificent durability, throughout its life.

Why Are Twyford Galerie Plan Urinals, Unique?

The sophisticated looking urinals from Galerie Plan display the level of skill and craftsmanship at Twyford. Every piece makes a perfect match with any bathroom decor, whether modern or traditional. The exquisite Waterless Urinal form Galerie Plan is setting a new example for discreet buyers. Without using the utmost resource that is water, the waterless urinals, give you the best of results in its utility. Twyford provides a 25 year guarantee on the complete series of Galerie Plan Urinals.