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Shower Pumps

The basic use of shower pump is to improve the shower performance. Shower pumps are used where gravity fed water systems are installed and increases the showering performance tremendously. Shower Pumps push water to your showering system and give a powerful showering experience. However, selection of shower pumps is not simple. At AQVA, we can offer you the best advice in selecting the right shower pump. Feel free to give us a call and our expert technician will help you select the right shower pump.

Positive Head

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Negative Pumps

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How do Shower Pumps work?

Normally, shower pumps work on a simple principle. Water a low pressure, say from an overhead tank, is taken into a chamber and fed into a fast spinning impellor. The water is then released outward by centrifugal force and comes out at a high speed. A pump comes with one or two impellors, called 'single' or 'twin,' operated by electric motors. The power generated by the motor will be directly proportionate to the pressure outcome and flow rate. A twin impeller pump can simultaneously boost hot and cold feeds, while a single one will boost these one at a time. Sensitive to shower valve, they activate and shut down automatically.

Negative and Positive Head Shower Pumps

Shower Pumps can boost the water pressure and give a powerful showering experience. Here at our online shop, we have positive and negative head shower pumps. A positive head pump is fed by gravity and requires a distance of at least a metre between the bottom of the cold water cistern and the pump. The gravity feed will start the pump to push water to the shower. Pumps may use centrifugal or regenerative pumps. Regenerative pumps are cheaper and easier to install, while centrifugal pumps are more efficient. They also serve as a less noisy option so if you are seeking a silent option that these make a better choice.