Designer Bathrooms - AQVA

At AQVA, we have a series of bathroom collection ranging from premium to economic. At AQVA, we have an enormous selection of bathroom sanitary wares to update your existing or remodel your new bathroom.  At AQVA, we have a dedicated team that work with designer brands around the globe, and they select the best bathroom products to showcase it at With fashionable styles and soft lines bathroom potteries available at AQVA, one can find the right product for their bathrooms.

Selecting Your Bathroom Product

Selecting a bathroom product can be a tiresome job, but making the right choice to enhance the lifestyles is more valuable. Rushing into a bathroom purchase can be unwise and there are chances that one can purchase a wrong product.  Accurate measurements are the most critical thing when considering a bathroom purchase. Make sure to measure your bathroom area and then order basin, bath or WC. In terms of installation of your bathroom products, it is recommended consulting a professional plumber who knows all the plumbing codes.

At AQVA Bathrooms, we have made sure that we list accurate measurements for all the bathroom products. From small accessories to large items such as bath tubs, every product at AQVA includes detailed instruction. Furthermore, if you are still facing issues, you can give us a call at 0116 251 6487, and our sales representative would be happy to serve you, and can answer all your product related queries. AQVA Bathroom consistently stays ahead from its competitors with the breadth of products available at their on-line store. At AQVA one can even find matching modular bathroom furniture units that reflects the best of British design and at a competitive price point.