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Shower Tower Panels with Jets

At AQVA, we are proud to introduce the most elegant shower towers that you will ever experience. Most of these tower showers sport a bold right-angled column profile, offering a complete and convenient option for installation in the chic, modern interiors with all components integrated in a single unit to make maximum use of space. By incorporating handsets, overhead showers, controls and storage into the central riser column, these shower units provide a sleek and versatile solution for the shower space in the bathroom.

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Why Select Tower Shower from AQVA Bathrooms?

With its unique style and elegance, the Tower Showers showcased at AQVA Bathrooms are really one-of-a-kind. With a huge selection of shower towers displayed above, one can select their ideal shower. Tower Showers are a great option and ideal for those of you who love to shower daily. The fashionable yet classic design construction of the tower showers at AQVA Bathrooms stand out from the crowd while ensuring you always have a shower you love. These showers also have thermostatic temperature control, which makes it a joy to use and the adjustable maximum temperature stop is ideal if you want to make sure little ones don’t accidentally scald themselves. At AQVA, we offer more than one type of shower tower. We stock exclusive and advanced shower panels that bring you the experience of your own personal haven in the bathroom. So if you are looking to add style with functionality in your bathroom, have a look at our full series of shower towers.