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Corner Baths for Small & Large Bathrooms

Maximise your bathroom space, as well as the time and your money by selecting the right bath for your bathroom. If one has a small bathroom, a corner bath can make a perfect spot. At AQVA, we have listed hundreds of corner baths, which differ from each other in terms of sizes and shapes. Corner bath may not be for everyone, but it certainly offers an enticing alternative to the right customer.

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Trojan Laguna 1450mm Corner Bath With Panel £258.19 £595.00 2.33 Stars
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Designer Corner Baths at AQVA

Greeks were the first who established baths, basins and foot baths for personal hygiene. Since then, the world took the idea and started enhancing the interior and exterior to make it more comfortable. Most of the times there is a debate on, whether a bath is superior to a shower or a vice-versa. Most of the times people think bathing is a waste of time, and it does not get you 100% clean, but people who prefer bathing feels bathing is relaxing and there is nothing like soaking inside a bath tub. However, it is a never ending debate.

Corner Bath With Seat
Corner Bath Without Seat

Above we have showcased a variety of baths which includes designer corner baths with seats, and without seats. We would advise you to first measure your bathroom room dimension and then purchase a bath. As baths are heavier and delicate, shipping of baths can be expensive, (if you are ordering on-line), so we recommend customers to consult with a plumber and then select the right bath

Our Motto

At AQVA, our motto is to supply the best in corner bath. Thoughtfully designed corner bath from experienced manufacturers makes it elegant addition for any bathroom. We stock a complete series of corner baths ranging from economical to contemporary.