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Chrome & Ceramic Soap Dishes

A soap dish is useful for holding a bar of soap and ensures it’s always close at hand when taking a shower or a bath. A soap dish decorated with chrome and ceramic, or crafted from wood and chrome fixings will stand out in any bathroom. Below, we have showcased a series of soap dishes from various brands in different geometric shapes. Soap Dishes listed at our store have versatile styling and blend beautifully with modern as well as traditional decor. Easy on the budget, these soap dishes come with a ‘Made in UK’ tag.

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Metallic Soap Dish

Crafted from a blend of ceramic and chrome, these interesting pieces of soap dishes create a fashionable space in the bathroom. Aqva is a one- stop-shop for all your bathroom needs and retails thousands of soap dishes, which offer both practical functionality and aesthetics. We have a veritable cornucopia of differently styled ceramic soap dishes with metallic add-ons that are design masterpieces and that blend beautifully with any bathroom decor.