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Curved Towel Rails

Designer Curved Towel Rails are a stunning accessory that lends style to bathroom interiors and add a strong visual aspect. They have been an essential accessory in the UK climate. Being wall-mounted, their floor space footprint is minimal, allowing for maximum use of the space available. These are finished in either gleaming chrome or the slick, cosmopolitan look of dark Anthracite or dazzling stainless steel. Created from two vertical rises and a series of flat panels, their use of geometric forms makes them ripe for inclusion in the modern living space. Some feature an array of curved heating arms extending from a single mounting bar. These practical accessories lends bathroom an air of sophisticated modernism while retaining a vital function of heating both towels and the surrounding space. Here, we have our range, where you can select the right one and successfully carry out your remodelling project. Products listed below vary in size, finish, and wattage. For any customized solution, we request you to give us a call at 0116 251 6487, and our sales representative can help you select the one.

18 Products
More info Premier / MTY102
Product Variation & Finishes Available

Nuie 500mm Wide Curved Heated Towel Rail

£43.20 £108.00 2.67 Stars
More info dq / ORION50/80-W
Product Variation & Finishes Available

DQ Heating Orion Heated Curved Towel Rail

£71.92 £110.40 Stars
£78.00 £136.76 Stars
£78.00 £139.04 Stars
£81.00 £146.65 Stars
More info Reina / RNS-ES5043
Product Variation Available

Reina Eos Curved Stainless Steel Designer Radiator Polished

£158.03 £228.00 Stars
More info dq / ZANTE50/70-P
Product Variation Available

DQ Heating Zante Curved Towel Rail Polished Stainless Steel

£172.67 £267.60 2.67 Stars
More info Radox / RXPC-0800500-CH
Product Variation & Finishes Available

Radox Premier Curved Heated Towel Rail 500 x 800mm - Chrome

£263.04 £328.80 Stars
More info Radox / RXPC-0800600-CH
Product Variation & Finishes Available

Radox Premier Curved Heated Towel Rail 600 x 800mm - Chrome

£274.56 £343.20 Stars
£376.72 £552.00 Stars
£381.85 £559.65 Stars
£412.88 £606.00 Stars
£413.68 £607.20 Stars
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