Bathroom Mirrors

Create a harmony in your bathroom by adding decorative mirrors. At Aqva Bathrooms, we have showcased our catalogue of decorative bathroom mirrors from different suppliers. Each Mirror showcased at our on-line store is different from other and thus creates an ocean of choice for customers to select the right one for their bathroom.

Decorative Bathroom Mirrors Buying Guide

Buying a mirror might seem like an easy purchase. After all, you just want a mirror, right? But, there are several factors that one need to take into account before buying mirror that will help make a better decision.

Size and Shape
Obviously, the mirror needs to fit the wall space that you have, so measure carefully. Bathroom mirrors tend to be square or rectangular, though other shapes are available, but you will not have as much choice.

Storage Options
If you have plenty of storage space in your bathroom already, a simple wall mirror will probably be fine. However, if you are lacking in bathroom storage you might want to consider a mirrored cabinet rather than a wall mirror. This will allow to store bathroom essentials behind the mirror where they are easily reachable. Cabinets will be more expensive than wall mirrors.

Depending on how well lit your bathroom is and where the mirror will be hung, one might want to think about getting a lit mirror. Because bathroom mirrors tend to be used for shaving and putting on make up, good lighting is essential. There  is a variety of lit mirrors available, and LED mirrors make a good choice. LED lit mirrors have good visual lighting as well as being low energy and have long lasting bulbs too.

Anti Fog
Bathroom mirrors are obviously used in the bathroom, which can get steamy. Heat from showers and baths cause bathroom mirrors to fog over, so they need to be cleaned. However, there are several options in anti fog mirrors that avoid this problem. But anti fog mirrors are an expensive choice, though the convenience may be worth it.

Using a bathroom mirror for putting on make up, for example, can mean that it is a nice idea to have extra magnification in the mirror so one can see better. This is done by adding a small panel to a larger mirror, so one do not need to wear your glasses while they shave.