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Heating Element for Towel Rails

A typical heating element is a coil, ribbon or wire that generates heat much like a filament in a bulb. Using electricity, it becomes hot and converts the electrical energy into heat, which it radiates out in all directions. Typically heating elements are made of iron or nickel. Depending upon the heat requirements, a suitable heating element may be needed for your radiator. Dual fuel radiators also use heating elements to work independently without central heating. The choice of electric element depends on the size of the radiator and/or the type of use required from the towel radiator. If only summer use is required, you might then choose an electric element with a low watt, which would still dry towels hung on the towel radiator in a more cost effective way. All our heating elements are exceptionally functional, durable and immensely powerful. Besides all the practicality, they are visually appealing with a variety of finish options. Choose from standard, thermostatic, remote control electric and dual fuel heating elements available at a wallet-friendly price, at our online store- AQVA Bathrooms. To satiate your desires of a comfy and soothingly warm ambience, AQVA Bathrooms showcase an extensive collection of heating elements. Ranging from the ingenious thermostatic ones to the economical, we have a solution to all your heating desires

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