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Bath Taps

Everyone loves to have fun in the bathtub and what better way than splashing around making waves. To ensure our complete convenience in the tub, we need a functional set of equipment that includes bath taps. Use for their efficient qualities like filling up the bathtub or simple aesthetics, these faucets come in many different models, including Standard, Designer, Mixers, Bath fillers and Pillar taps. Here at Aqva, we have showcased a series of bath taps for traditional as well as modern bathrooms. Whether you are renovating or remodeling a bathroom from scratch and if you are planning to add a bathtub, we help you make a great choice of taps for the bathtub.

Bath Taps

From £14.83

Bath Shower Mixer

From £25.20

Premium Bath Mixer

From £48.79

Bath Fillers

From £21.84

Bath Spouts

From £13.84

Side Valves

From £62.10

We have covered you!

Anything designer is synonymous with a greater financial investment as well as of resources, with the final product being unique, classy and extremely functional. Manufactured with hi-end luxury in mind, such brassware reflects and matches the rest of the luxury elements in a bathroom and home. Leading integrated-branded bathroom and plumbing company, we at Aqva has showcased a series of top of the line designer faucets. Whether you are renovating or remodeling your bathroom from scratch, feel free to browse our series and select the right tap for your bath.