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Flat Panel Radiators

Aqva Bathrooms has recognised the demand and growing importance of heating in a home. In a recent survey held at Aqva Bathrooms, it was inferred that about 80% of UK homes use radiators. To heat up a home and to give extra comfort, radiators are a pivotal accessory. Apart from being functional, radiators are available in different finishes and shapes, which are elegant and can become the focal point in the home. Below we have showcased a complete range of Flat Panel Radiators, which are available in various sizes and finishes. Feel free to browse through and select the one for your home.

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Buying Guide For Flat Panel Radiators

Truly close to being mistaken for a discreet designer art piece, the clean cut and sleek looking Flat Panel Radiator lends an aura of serenity to your room and is extremely popular with discerning buyers who want the comfort of cosy warmth along with an eye pleasing heating unit. When you decide to buy a flat panel central heating radiator, you must look carefully into a few factors which will direct you towards making the right decision.

Wall Heat Output Efficiency

No matter how much the design element appeals to you, the most important aspect when finalising a flat panel radiator is the heat output. Choose those radiators where the front panel cleverly conceals the convectors, or “fins” as they are called, as this maximises the heat output without compromising on the aesthetics. An official BSRIA (Building Services Research and Information Association) certification confirms the specified heat output.


Guarantee Assurance

If the guarantee period is anything less than five years, the welding is of inferior quality or the steel is not of the required thickness, then its prudent to stay away. Choose only a brand that offers a full 5 years After Sales guarantee.

Recognition from Independent body

Check if the radiator sports the “RAL Steel Radiator Quality” mark, which indicates that it's quality and workmanship are of considerable standard.


Wall to Front measurement.

To ensure that the radiator is not away from the wall more than necessary, choose a model which has intelligently designed brackets for maintaining minimum wall-to-front distance.

Material of Manufacture

For buying a long life radiator, choose a brand which boasts thick grade of steel, measuring about 1.25 mm for internal construction and a minimum 1.1 mm for the front panel, with 2mm thickness being ideal.


Finishing makes a difference

A radiator finished with a single coat of paint will start looking worn-out in a couple of months. Make sure you buy a powder coated model with a semi-gloss surface look, which will keep the panel looking like new for years.

Last, but not the least – After Purchase Service

The real test of the product begins after installation. Always buy from a reputed multi-brand outlet, preferably an officially authorised sales distributor of the brand. Insist on a manufacturer guarantee as against the dealer guarantee. If you are buying online, you must talk to their sales advisor on the phone and clarify all important points which will influence your buying decision, before adding the radiator to the shopping cart and swiping for payment.