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Flat Panel Radiators

Aqva Bathrooms has recognised the demand and growing importance of heating in a home. In a recent survey held at Aqva Bathrooms, it was inferred that about 80% of UK homes use radiators. To heat up a home and to give extra comfort, radiators are a pivotal accessory. Apart from being functional, radiators are available in different finishes and shapes, which are elegant and can become the focal point in the home. Below we have showcased a complete range of Flat Panel Radiators, which are available in various sizes and finishes. Feel free to browse through and select the one for your home.

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Last, but not the least – After Purchase Service

The real test of the product begins after installation. Always buy from a reputed multi-brand outlet, preferably an officially authorised sales distributor of the brand. Insist on a manufacturer guarantee as against the dealer guarantee. If you are buying online, you must talk to their sales advisor on the phone and clarify all important points which will influence your buying decision, before adding the radiator to the shopping cart and swiping for payment.