Bathroom Taps at AQVA

A tap is not just a water outlet these days; it is a lot more than that. They define our use and design a personal space for every individual. At AQVA, we have an endless design options for faucets. Our on-line store is a one-stop shop for designer washroom taps, which includes products for basins, baths, bidet and showers. They are stunningly magnificent, well-crafted to fit every need, engineered to perfection and sophistication, excelling the best in its class, with a promised longevity.

Why Select Taps from AQVA?

Produced by world class manufacturers with the latest technology, these taps available at AQVA offers easy flow of water and design, which surpass the normal standards of trendy appeal.

Choose from brands that suit and blend with your existing interiors or simply pick our exquisite design to be the centrepiece of your washroom. The levers range from simple straight to cross-head, which allow precise water flow.

We offer the top-of-the line sensor taps that are in vogue. Illuminated taps are just an icing on the cake. These tech savvy taps are either battery operated or through electricity and have infrared sensors. These taps elevate user experience from comfort to indulgence.

WRAS and TMV3 Approved

Bathroom taps available at our on-line store can revamp your bathroom decor. We understand the importance of water, since it is a precious resource, we also have water-saving taps and shower heads. Most of the products listed at are either WRAS or TMV3 approved.

Our resplendent catalogue includes taps for bath, kitchen, bidet mixer, tap packs, bibs and the accessories, which have been the benchmark for quality and aesthetic sumptuousness over the years. Many of them come with ceramic disk cartridge technology which eases the turning on and off operation. The designs vary from being a simple faucet to elegant and long ones with snaky spouts.

It isn't just the complete sets and pairs, we are aware of replenishing needs of the consumer. We have tap heads for all the ranges and plumbing types at reasonable rates. If you wish to enhance your faucet experience and personalise it, we offer flow restrictors. These help you to save water and water bills.

Our intent is to service people’s boundless aspirations, specifically, making the washing space unique and congenial. The products from AQVA symbolise a blend of marvelous contemporary styles that move beyond class and extravagance. It is our premium quality segment that has won millions of hearts that savor quality and class together, yet being easily affordable.