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Showers within our bathrooms are important elements. They are considered as highly functional gadgets in the bathroom space. When it comes to select the right one, you must take time and select the appropriate shower. By investing in a quality shower, you can enjoy long-term benefits of maintenance-free showering. Electric showers are some of the most desired showers in UK. It heats water through a heating element. The working process is the same as another electrical appliance. It heats water on demand and works on cold water supply and power mains. The maximum flow from the shower depends upon how powerful the heating element is since the shower heats up water when in a cold state. Many of the other showers are also becoming commercially successful, but an electric shower has its own place. They are comparatively cheap and affordable and are classified by different KWs. At AQVA, we have displayed a full range, which feature high structural designs and are strong and durable. These features are the main, vital components of any product. We stock a complete series of ranging from low kilowatts to high kilowatts. Feel free to browse through our series and select the right one for your bathroom.

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More info Bristan / CHE85 W
Product Variation Available

Bristan Cheer White Electric 8.5kW Shower

£61.87 £118.00 Stars
£122.29 £166.10 Stars
£137.66 £179.24 Stars
£139.76 £240.00 Stars
More info Triton / SP7007Z
Product Variation Available

Triton T70Z White-Chrome Electric Shower

£139.89 £183.11 4 Stars
More info Mira / 1.1788.477
Product Variation Available

Mira Jump Multi-Fit Electric Shower White-Chrome

£143.18 £179.24 Stars
£143.53 £277.00 Stars
£145.23 £218.00 Stars
£184.27 £242.05 3.5 Stars
More info aqualisa / QZE8521
Product Variation & Finishes Available

Aqualisa Quartz Exposed Electric Shower With Slide Rail Kit

£190.52 £304.39 3.25 Stars
£211.93 £384.00 Stars
£219.24 £417.00 Stars
£232.95 £330.00 3.5 Stars
£242.01 £318.72 4 Stars
More info Triton / ASPEN08BRSTL
Product Variation Available

Triton Aspirante Enhance Electric Shower

£245.99 £319.16 Stars
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