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Shower Cubicles For Corner Entry Installation

Shower Cubicles for modern as well as traditional bathrooms are now available at AQVA. Give your bathroom a makeover with the stunning corner shower cubicle. It is made of opulent glass that is usually safety glass that keeps any accidents and risks at bay. These shower enclosures are so versatile and adaptable that they can be used with manual, electric or power showers. Finished in chrome, polished silver, and white, they can fit into a wide range of modern bathroom or en-suite interiors. These shower cubicles will truly give you an enjoyable and soothing showering experience. Create a clutter-free bathroom by installing these high-tech and high-end shower cubicles

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£173.60 £434.00 3 Stars
More info Premier / AFCE7676
Product Variation Available

Nuie Pacific Aegean Corner Entry Shower Enclosure

£258.00 £645.00 3 Stars
£262.40 £656.00 Stars
£354.00 £746.21 3.09 Stars
£385.29 £525.00 3 Stars
£555.00 £725.53 3 Stars
£973.16 £1880.00 2.78 Stars
£1237.26 £2404.00 3 Stars
£1256.93 £1256.93 3 Stars
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