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Shower Cubicles for modern as well as traditional bathrooms now available at AQVA. These shower cubicles will truly give you an enjoyable and soothing showering experience. Create a clutter free bathroom by installing these high-tech shower cubicles. Manufactured by known companies all these cubicles are backed by a good period of guarantee.

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Designer Shower Cubicles Buying Guide

Unless you have a walk in shower room, you are going to need to buy a shower cubicle when remodelling a bathroom. Shower cubicles work as self-contained showering units, preventing water from getting onto floors and walls. There are a few things to consider before making your purchase, however.

Style and Size
Firstly, the shower cubicle has to fit your bathroom. There is a variety of styles available, from the traditional square and quarter circle models to rectangular styles. Make sure that your cubicle is spacious, and have comfortable showering space.

Trays or Not
One can either buy a shower cubicle complete with shower tray (the floor of the shower) or without one. In general, it is preferable to buy an enclosure with a tray, simply because that tray has been designed to fit that enclosure, minimizing the risk of leakage.

Although older plastic enclosures are still available, they are not incredibly common any more. Mostly because plastic does not stand the test of time, and quickly becomes scratched and dirty. Modern enclosures tend to be made from tempered glass. Ensure that the glass is at least five millimetres thick, due to safety issues (you do not want the shower door to shatter). If possible, edged glass is better. Glass that has no material around the edges is liable to chip and break more easily.

Since the door is the only part of the cubicle that moves, it is the part that undergoes the most stress. On traditional open and close doors ensure that the hinges are solid, and the door functions properly. Look for smooth action on sliding doors, and check the door runners at the bottom or top to make sure they are of good quality and will not break.

Some shower cubicles have aluminium framing. Check the quality of the material, before purchasing. Firstly ensure that it is aluminium, and not a cheaper alternative. Also, make sure that it is solid aluminium and not aluminium painted over a cheaper metal. The framing of this cubicle is what supports and strengthens the structure. Metals other than aluminium, or aluminium that is too thin may lead to denting and buckling of the frame.