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Standard Acrylic Baths

Welcome to the world of AQVA Bathrooms, below we have showcased a series of standard baths. All products showcased at AQVA vary in sizes and adds elegant feel to the room. You can purchase our product at an unbeatable price. The standard acrylic versions is the most popular range and they are great in absorbing & conducting away the heat from hot water, which ensures this bath to stays warmer for longer period compared to other versions.

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More info trojan / B692
Trojan Cascade 1700 x 700mm Single Ended Bath £72.30 £151.20 Stars
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Less 'Expensive'

Acrylic baths are less expensive, they’re lighter, and easier to install. Newly built houses in UK come with these types as standard installation. They are easy to repair as chips and scratches can be filled in within a very short space of time. What’s more is that they come in a wide range of colours too, so you’ll be able to find one that matches your bathroom décor perfectly.