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Premium Mixer Taps Mono-bloc Taps

The exclusive Premium range of Mixer Taps represent minimalistic, high quality designs and is the perfect complement to a premium sink or bathroom. Bring this classy touch to your basin along with a little dazzle by adding Premium Mono-bloc taps. Premium Basin Mixer taps showcased at our web-store are created to work with both high pressure and low pressure. Feel free to browse our series of Premium Mixers and pick the right one for your basin.

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High & Low Pressure Premium Mixer Taps

It is important to choose your taps and faucets depending on the pressure system in your home. For optimal functioning, all taps are designed with a certain water pressure in mind—low, high and medium. Mixer Taps showcased at AQVA can add lots of fun and dazzle to your bathroom experience. So choose accordingly and watch these stunning mono-bloc faucets function for a long time to come.