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Towel Holders

A towel holder offers a convenient place to hang your towels and ensures they are within easy reach. It must be installed in such a way that it is within the easy reach of children, while a heated towel rail must be installed at a safe height so that it stays out of bounds and out of reach of children. As the surface of the towel warmers might get hot, it can lead to accidental scalding and injuries. We have displayed products in stainless steel and brass and they come in various shapes and sizes. Manufactured by known brands, all products are backed by a guarantee or warranty. Feel free to browse through our impressive collection and select the right one based on your requirement.

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More info mayfair / PHA401
Product Variation Available
Mayfair Phaze 620mm Towel Bar Chrome £14.26 £45.78 Stars
More info mayfair / PLA401
Product Variation Available
Mayfair Plaza 600mm Towel Bar Chrome £15.28 £49.58 Stars
More info mayfair / ICE401
Product Variation Available
Mayfair Ice 600mm Towel Bar Chrome £18.38 £61.25 Stars
More info mayfair / ECL401
Product Variation Available
Mayfair Eclipse 625mm Towel Bar Chrome £19.29 £64.69 Stars
More info mayfair / OVA401
Product Variation Available
Mayfair Oval 598mm Towel Bar Chrome £19.80 £66.64 Stars
More info essential / EA28001
Essential Urban 670mm Wide Towel Rail £25.54 £49.78 4.5 Stars
More info Grohe / 40366001
Finishes Available
Grohe Essentials 600mm Towel Rail £25.87 £34.49 Stars
More info Grohe / 40688001
Finishes Available
Grohe Essentials 450mm Towel Rail £26.02 £31.49 Stars
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