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Baths & Accessories for Bathrooms!

A bathtub today is more than just a necessity. You can relax and unwind in a hot tub. A designer bath can make all the difference in turning an ordinary bathroom into an oasis of comfort and luxury. No matter what kind of bath you need, we have them in a wide range of shapes, sizes and at the very affordable price point. We stock large baths and small baths. Our Baths and accessories encompass a wide range from the traditional style and popular single-ended baths to the luxurious, double-ended ones. All baths we stock come with excellent depth and shoulder space for a comfortable soaking experience for two. We also stock a series of freestanding baths from the modern to the classic design featuring roll tops. Our Baths offer the whole gamut from the simple and minimalist to the space-saving shower baths for those who prefer to have both options in one and finally to the more cutting edge and sophisticated featuring whirlpools and air-pools for a holistic spa-like experience. You can combine our comprehensive stock of accessories with our range of baths to create stately elegance and bathrooms that excel in form, function, and style. Feel free to view our range, and we are sure you will find a bath that meets your expectations, and if you have any niggling doubts or worries, give us a call or write to us by e-mail, we would be happy to address your concerns.


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