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Mosaics are decorative, geometrical designs that are made up of a fascinating collection of smaller materials (generally glass or stone) that are put together to create an attractive whole. Mosaics have been in use since ancient time, and we see remains of this art even today in churches, mosques and palaces. Our range of Mosaic Tiles can add a wow factor in any kitchen or bathroom area with their stunning intricate pattern and bold colours. Apart from the vibrancy they bring into any interior, these are also extremely functional. Being resistant to stress, stains, moisture, these tiles are very simple to maintain. Available to you at various price points and can make all the difference between drab and fab. We brings to you a variety of mosaic tiles, in a range of colours, sizes and textures. Depending on its use, you can select these as desired. Our quality is unmatched, and rates are economical, and the choice is massive, everything you need to carve the mosaic interior of your dreams. Our range of Mosaic Tiles are waterproof, frost proof, and UV resistant and will last for many years.

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