Designer Radiators & Towel Rails

AQVA, the leading suppliers of bathroom fittings in UK, has high-quality bathroom and home décor goods to consumers. Whether one needs to heat up a large, extra-large or even small room, there is a wide array to choose from. Innovation has made great strides and products such as towel warmers also double up as radiators to keep your personal spaces comfortable.

Heat up your room in style

Heating, is a crucial necessity for the European climate and it has come a long way since the days of cozying up in front of a fireplace. As the technology is emerging, so do heating options. They are transforming to suit the modern lifestyle.

Customisation to preferred temperature, room size and duration can all be decided at the click of a button. No longer are the radiators mammoth and unattractive. At AQVA Bathrooms we have a vast range of designer models, which are chosen largely for their aesthetic appearances. Based on the room size, one can select the right radiator for their rooms. For extra-large room, you may need to install a large size radiator along with central heating system.

In this section, we at AQVA Bathroom have showcased heating solutions and help you decide the one that would suit you perfectly. We understand the need for heating and have radiators, towel warmers and designer stuff for heating washrooms. We work with brands such as Quinn, Biasi, MHS, DQ, Hudson Reed and Ultra to give consumers at AQVA the best choices.

Responsible radiating

We specialise in helping consumers to select the right products for their homes. Radiators available at AQVA come in a variety of size, BTU’s and watts. When contemporary heating needs have increased manifold they have an impact on resources. We are conscious to ensure that our range consume less power, are energy-efficient and environment-friendly

Our radiators will stand up to many years of use and they are all backed by guarantees and warranties from the manufacturer. Look at this space also for tips and guides to smart purchases.

We have established a trust between customers and we take pride in offering them the best radiators, which provides valuable heating and give returns that is value for money. Browse this section for best choices and be assured of warmth through our radiator products.