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Square Shower Tray High Level & Low Level

It is essential to make sure the shower tray fits in the space or the shower enclosure you have in your bathroom. If you have a recessed or alcove shower area, then a square or rectangular shower tray is appropriate depending upon the dimensions. At AQVA, we have showcased a series of shower trays that vary in size ranging from 700 x 700mm to 1600 x 1600mm and designs from the low profile trays to flat top ones. Feel free to browse through our series of square shower trays and select the right tray for your bathroom.

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Square Stone Resin Shower Trays

Shower Trays in your shower enclosure deserve the most consideration as they withstand the total body weight of the user. Shower trays must be strong and durable. Shower tray manufacturers used stone resin moulded base to construct shower trays which is far more rigid than reinforced acrylic making it perfect for keeping you safe from injuries that can happen in a slippery environment. At AQVA, we stock and sell shower trays from reputed manufacturers that are robust and hardwearing.