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Stop Valves

A stop valve regulates the flow of liquid running inside a pipe and is important part of plumbing set-up. At AQVA, we stock a complete series of plumbing valves including stop valves so you can purchase all the bathroom necessities at one place. They are also known as shut down valves.

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More info flova / XLWMCONHW
Product Variation Available

Flova XL Wall Mounted Concealed Shut Off Valve

£25.44 £35.00 Stars
More info Grohe / 22012000

Grohe Eurocube Chrome Half Inch Angle Valve

£25.90 £48.95 5 Stars
More info flova / LVWMCONCW
Product Variation Available

Flova Levo Wall Mounted Chrome Stop Cock

£26.78 £37.00 5 Stars
More info Grohe / 19910000

Grohe Eurocube Concealed Stop Valve Trim

£32.55 £61.50 Stars
More info flova / STWMCONHW
Product Variation Available

Flova Str8 Wall Mounted Concealed Shut Off Valve

£32.80 £46.00 Stars
More info pura / BQWMCONCW
Product Variation Available

Pura Bloque Wall Mounted Chrome Finish Stop Cock

£33.92 £54.00 Stars
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